It is no secret that music benefits all who let it become a part of who they are. The video above shows that the impact of music is much more far reaching then previously believed. All of us at the Melfort Music Festival Association share the vision of spreading the joy of music to our surrounding area. If you are likewise minded & have suggestions, or something to contribute to the festival, feel free to contact any one of us. Contact information is below:



Dawne Glanville, President, Business Advertising
Box 825
Melfort,SK S0E 1A0

 Victoria Riley, Vice President, Scholarships

Tena Wiemken, Treasurer

Barb Deck, Entry Secretary
44 Groat Drive, Box 456
Melfort, SK  S0E 1A0

Lacey Walker , Publicity

John Tatarynovich, Property
Box 188
Melfort, SK  S0E 1A0
Cell/Text 306-920-8032

Maren Hantke, House

Rebecca Miller, Scholarships
Box 2333
Melfort, SK  S0E 1A0

Pam Kellington, Patrons & Donors, Secretary
Box 537
Melfort, SK  S0E1A0

Deanna Sorsdahl, Festival Program Designer

Matt Johnson, Web Design
Box 1356
Melfort, SK  S0E 1A0
Cell/Text 306-921-8652